Natural Language and Text Processing Lab


3rd June 2024

🌐 Discussion Topic: Using Token Classification to Study Historical Attitudes Towards Plants and Animals This event focused on an innovative approach to mining and analyzing Dutch attitudes towards plants and animals from 1550 to 2000, utilizing computational humanities and natural language processing (NLP). πŸ” Overview of the Presentation This approach integrates cultural history, literary studies,…

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6th May 2024

🌐 Discussion Topic: Demographic differences in beliefs and self-presentation strategies: Human Vs AI recruitment This event focused on groundbreaking research in the field of recruitment and human resources, examining how self-presentation strategies vary across demographics and how they are influenced by personal beliefs, societal values, and individual experiences. πŸ” Overview of the Presentation The presentation…

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4th March 2024

🌐 Event Details: Reading Group Meeting Time: Monday, 3/4/2024 Location: Sjoerd Groenmangebouw – B1.01 Discussion Topic: Tracking the Trails of Political Biases Leading to Unfair NLP Models, From Pretraining Data to Language Models to Downstream Tasks πŸ” Overview of the Meeting: This reading group meeting, initiated by Anastasia Giachanou, offers a chance to delve into…

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5th February 2024

🌐Event Recap: Enhancing Cybercrime Detection through Predictive Text Mining πŸ”Overview of the Presentation: The event focused on the innovative use of predictive text mining to improve the detection of cyber and digitized crime in police registrations. It delved into how current structured police data sources often provide an incomplete picture of the amount, nature, and…

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